The company policy established to achieve the purpose is ;
  • To establish management system having safety and environment excellence philosophy and to make continuous improvement (No accidents, No harm to people, No damage to the environment)
  • The safety and environment related subjects shall always be taken into consideration primarily, and no sacrifice shall be made in this aspect
  • All the necessary sources will be used to establish/maintain healty/hygienic working conditions onboard. 
  • Risk assessments will be done on each management stages and proactive measurements will be taken against all the risks.
  • Always to be alert for emergencies and all the necessary preventive actions will be taken 
  • To establish safety and environment philosophy/idea for all the company personnel 
  • To ensure continuous improvement of safety management abilities of shore-based and ship-based senior managements
  • To prepare training, drill and familiarization procedures and checklists to maintain a top level control 
  • To ensure top quality maintenance and repair standard for company vessels
  • To employ personnel with sufficient competency, quality and ability aboard the ships and ashore