Drug and Alcohol Policy

  • Distribution, sale and consumption of drugs aboard the ships is definitely banned.
  • The individual possessing and consumption are prohibited all fleet vessels.
  • The company has approved and applied zero alcohol policies at all fleet vessels.
  • The pilots, visitors and contracted individuals are obliged to comply with limitations on sale, distribution and consumption of the alcohol and drugs. The individuals disobeying these rules should be disembarked immediately and should not be allowed to come aboard.
  • The master or an officer appointed by him shall perform un-noticed alcohol
  • Controls during voyage and at the port, and keep the control records in a separate file.
  • The company has already signed conracts with international institutions/companies giving services in this aspect, without pre-notice and results are being kept in files.
  • Behaviors contrary to the alcohol and drug policy of our company shall be considered as offences against discipline that require termination of employment contract.