About Us

From past
to present by confidence

AKAR GROUP, can perform ownership, ship management and chartering services dealing with the purchasing and sales of vessels.

AKAR GROUP, which entered the sector with the principles of integrity, reliability and high quality has expanded the global range of its activities since its establishment by anticipating the changing shipping conditions and the shifting customer needs and policies, thus securing its place among the most respected shipping enterprises in Turkey.

The mission of company and its Senior Management is to ensure that Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental considerations remain top priority for the Company’s management and employees. Prevention of accidental risks and losses due to process failure are recognized as an integral part of our continuous improvement.

The company will strive for a long-term ZERO-TOLERANCE culture aiming to have:
No accidents
No health-related incidents
No marine and atmospheric pollution
No oil spills
No loss of process capability
No lapses in security


High – Level Targets

  • To achieve Safety and Environment excellence and to ensure its continuity, (No accidents, No harm to people, No damage to the environment)
  • As the Ship Management of AKAR Group, to manage the acquisition ships in the worldwide ship management standards and establish the best ship management system and to achieve the international tanker management quality standarts.
  • To take place among the reliable companies in the International Market.

Long Term Targets

  • To develope our tanker fleet and capacity with different types of modern and new-built product and chemical vessels due to the international market needs.
  • To be specialist on the product and chemical sea transportation.